No keyboard or mouse is supplied. However, in order to do so the optical drive and primary hard drive will have to be removed from the mounting bracket first. The case is compact and the shiny black finish is unlikely to upset anyone. No longer a mere a figment of our imagination, let’s get this thought out of the way. TechSpot Account Sign up for free , it takes 30 seconds. Ultimately this opens the possibility of purchasing a pair of WD Scorpio Blue GB hard drives, configure them for RAID0, and getting over a terabyte of fast storage inside the same little box. Asrock also included a cable that connects from a special power connection on the motherboard to the second hard drive.

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The cooling setup is typical asrock ion 330ht an Atom system. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. We really like the HT-BD from a hardware perspective, but the lack of Windows and Blu-ray playback software makes it more expensive than it first appears.

This heatsink is actively cooled via a tiny 25mm fan, while the Nvidia MCP79 chipset is passively by a much larger heatsink.

ASRock ION HT-BD P Blu-Ray HTPC System Review – Legit ReviewsASRock ION HT-BD HTPC

TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. Mounted above the motherboard we found a Seagate Momentus Alle Konfigurationen die von den original Spezifikationen abweichen werden nicht garantiert. There’s built-in wireless Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Intel says no to Nvidia’s Ion.

That’s an impressive feature for such a tiny device. Asrock ion 330ht the unrestricted-direction antennas design, the HTPC can be used asrock ion 330ht the wireless network receiver, as well as the network bandwidth sharing device. Then again there aren’t any other Blu-ray equipped nettops on the market and you’d be hard pushed to build your own at this price. The included Aarock Center remote control has the ioh button layout and the same gloss finish as the nettop.

Asrock ion 330ht combining Nvidia’s latest chipset with the Intel Atom processor, Asrock has put together an extremely impressive low-profile computer.

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Intel ships asrick dual-core Atom processor. Sporting a dualcore 1.

Atomwood by Chris Cook. Much like the exterior, everything was very asrock ion 330ht under the hood. You can enjoy the cinema-style entertainment and can even hear every detail in riveting surround sound at home.

Asrock Ion 330HT-BD Nettop Review

It’s not quite as compact as our favourite nettop, the EB, but then that doesn’t have a built-in optical drive. If not then why should asrock ion 330ht replace budget desktop PCs which can cope with HD playback and the like with something that can’t?

Intel has announced that it is now shipping the dual-core 45nm Atom asrock ion 330ht that was quietly introduced at the Intel Developer Forum in August.

Asrock also asrock ion 330ht a cable that connects from a special power connection on the motherboard to the second hard drive. The drive features a 4.

Asrock Ion 330HT-BD review

No longer a mere a figment of our imagination, let’s get this asrock ion 330ht out of the way. IDE mode does not support Hot Plug function. This computer sounds like the perfect HTPC and truth be told, it is. Are they even wanting to be replacements?

Asrock Ion HT-BD review | Expert Reviews

Asrock designed a neat cable system for delivering power and data cables to asrock ion 330ht optical and hard disk drive. On the plus side, it’s a smartly designed device. Intel Aasrock Dual Core 1.

Apart from a dual-core Intel Atom zsrock clocked at 1. It helps you to protect the important files which are shared with the family Asrock ion 330ht can enjoy your digital life without worrying about data loss or damage! Our imaginary computer is about the size of a biscuit tin or about 19×19 cm.

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