Long Island, New York Status: I found out that the mixing latency buffer size adjustment is suppose to be grayed out in ASIO mode. Is there a block schematic somewhere which explains how the physical audio connections relate to the software settings and controls? Could I check a few “basics” with you, in case you can spot anything amiss? But then again the OP has not posted his system specs. This is why I am wanting to know your system specs.

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m-audio 2496 in windows 7 64 bit?

This is why I am wanting to know your auduophile specs. Maybe just pull it out and put it back in to be sure. Use it’s ASIO drivers and things should work fine. The slider is grayed out. Talked to tech support and they mentioned the card does not work well with some motherboards due to flaky USB controller implementation.

Then a few days ago, no sound any more. I can’t adjust my Mixing Latency buffer size. Audiophile – User Manual If you see the meters moving in the control panel, especially the master channel, than this may actually indicate an issue with the hardware. I don’t know if you have onboard VGA, but you could possibly try running the sound card without the GPU to test and see if it has an issue with it.

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M-Audio Delta Audiophile not compatible with Windows 7 – Avid Pro Audio Community

Thread starter Silencer Start date Jun 21, Official Representatives Corey S Employee. What version number is your card’s driver?

For a description of the inputs, outputs, mixer panel and how they all relate to each other, please refer to the User Manual: Can you put me in touch with anyone in the U. Joined Oct 26, Messages 0. Long Island, New York Status: For some reason only the drivers which came with the card work fine with my system. Although it’s always in the PC I audoophile very occasionally use the AP for ripping vinyl LPs, so I’m not too au fait with the control panel, I just know that it worked – sorry if I seem a bit dim.


Uncheck both boxes below “Exclusive Mode” to make sure that nothing can take priority over the output. Hi, just wondered if anyone else’s AP had stopped working recently on Win7.

m-audio in windows 7 64 bit? | Cakewalk Forums

It’s currently up to version 5. Silencer New Member Jun 21, Wish I could say the same for Dim Pro.

Community-powered support for M-Audio. Check out my toonz http: Test different cables to your speakers or amplifier, too. When I click on Audio Options under the general tab.

Seanicy October 01, Col February 26, Have you updated the M-Audio drivers? Could I check a few “basics” with you, in case you can spot anything amiss?

It might help me to understand the thing better. You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. The problem happened suddenly: I would double-check and make sure that the card is seated correctly in it’s PCI slot.

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