Great unit from a proven series Once upon a time you were gonzo crazy for the Delta Labs OD. Biyang “Babyboom’s” is a totally brand new effect pedal series with a smaller size cast aluminium enclosure. Much smallers casing for excellent placement on pedalboards, but pack a powerful punch Chiogtr4x , Nov 2, Oct 16, Now here is where the pedal gets interesting, the Bright mode middle:

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Even with a useless switch, it’s a good pedal. There is a little Level loss when switching biyahg Normal to Warm settings, so you just turn up! Oct 14, 2.

Negative babg, Oct 14, Yet as you said in the original post, you’ve traded off all of those pedals. I got one in the mail today and I’m very impressed thus far.

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The toggle switch on the Fuzz Star doesn’t do much except change the amount of volume. Oct 14, 7.

Top position was classic Check out here and go to the store for more detail on each Space saving design for pedal boards I had an SRB which was great and was also a twist on the Landgraff. I don’t know that any manufacturer can duplicate something made in the 80’s using available electronic components but I hope this one takes me back into my old Boss CE-2 tonal territory. This is not meant to be a jerk, I’m asking a sincere question in a non-confrontational spirit.

Solid Stainless Steel enclosure Oct 16, Biyang’s new Blues Overdrive:.

Review: Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver

I like the lack of controls, if serids sounds good. It’s probably a Phase 90 clone, which would be fine for my occasional phaser needs Maybe my mind will change in seriee few days or maybe the stars have alligned with regards to my current gear combination or maybe I’ve had 1 too many Dos Equis but this pedal is a steal considering it’s price.

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PantsNov 2, The Tri Reverb is extremely low noise, as low as any serious expensive outboard reverb unit. The true bypass means that the input jack is connected directly to the output when the pedal is switched off.

Me again OP used my new toy last night on a classic country gig moderate volume gig in a very nice Inn and the Mad Driver was just perfect when needed. Every single one undergoes a strict quality control ensuring the supreme quality performance.

Here is a video sound sample of the Tri-Reverb: Naby done- this one is a keeper, as it sounds like a TS which is all I wanted, but with a different look mac size, plus the added feature of the 3-positon switch which is pretty cool, at a great price. Quality parts and construction throughout.

It was like going from nice grindy Strat to to “Mike Bloomfield LP” clean punch with a flick of the switch-just not expecting this, a nice feature to have! There is a slight tonal difference but honestly it’s so slight, I have trouble telling most of the time.

Once upon a time you were gonzo crazy for the Delta Labs OD. Oct 14, 6. Oct 14, 8. Whoa TeleNov 2, Here is a player Video of the AD Delay: Max delay time is ms 1. Numerous ways to pound the sound!

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