Everything worked except sound and net out of the box. You’re looking for an Installation guide? Sound and vdeo not tested using vdeo Geforce2 Mx Used Mac OS X Second attempt, only installed the AzaliaAudio extra driver and it booted OK. FireWire is detected, but not tested, should work too. Had some issues with root device not found error, but -f will boot.

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However, no QE digitronn CI support. Kernel panic initially, fixed by adding vendor and device ID to GeForce. LAN works after recompiling skge driver kext.

Manual Digitron Dg 760Gx

Check the forums for more info. Everything works, except sleep. Display does not wake up after sleep on-board video.

Geforce GT work perfect.

Download Ati HmL-C3

Cpu is always seen as 4. Then it works perfectly. Yes, except for resolution switching fix with Callisto? Almost everything, except graphics is working out of the box. This is a motherboard which you can make into a fully functional Mac. Natit provides better performance it seems.

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Natit full work on GT required edit of Natit and NV40 kext and digital output won’t work unless convert to analogue by adaptor. Must have a pci expres graphics card. Can be patched using Kookal’s update selecting only the ATI AGP support option, this patch allows the changing of resolutions and removes mouse tearing artifact but does not add QE or CI support patching with Kernel update or Apple Combined update options in Koolkal can cause system to be unusable.


Bios sata settings- avoid ‘AHCI’. Only select NV40 in jas Works fine with the Worked fine with natit and titan method. I had problems with it not loading USB drivers on boot after 1st installfixed after customizing installation and unchecked printer drivers and checked most common hardware. Onboard AC97 sound – Works, some config needed. E-IDE does not work. Once OSX installed; shut down, install card. Then restart, and everything will work. No, create an account now.

Can also be patched with Jas Doesn’t work with Jas Works fine after using the Tulip. Everything works,About this mac not working for me but who knows maybe u can figure that out. Need to change FSB. Sounds works but sound enhancement must be turned off in itunes for high bit rate mp3 files to not cut out. Do not install GMA driver upon install, once its installed res: Sound out was only in the left speaker, but works perfectly with Realtek ALC patched kext.

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