I have read things like this tutorial , but I am still a novice on microcontrollers. I hope I don’t disturb anyone if I distribute this here. If I compiled a program with keil, I needed to use CyConsole to download and run it. The usbstress software http: I just ran the installer and everything seems to be working fine. I tried simulating the hex with s51 it comes with sdcc:

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I am connected as 8 bits to an liunx with two control signals coming from the imager frame valid and line valid. To compile projects which have several files, compile each one individually with flag -c and then link them together, putting the main.

I can not find the keil2sdcc. Hey, this is great info!

Both use sfr for register names and sbit for names of bits inside registers. This doesn’t please sdcc warning: The good thing is that the assembler code of the CPU still works on the microcontroller AN, so the board used in PI can also be programmed with code compatible with the The tools that Cypress provides with the development kit are Windows based.

Comment on Jan 21st, at 8: The GPIF can put in all the delays between state transitions. I have a reset firmware that I can use to fix the device too.

One suitable loader is available from Cypress. This software is still usable on 2.

Cypress EZ-USB FX2 – LinuxTVWiki

But it’s prepared to compile only with the environment and syntax of Keil using C51 and A Is there any simple debug strategy to check what is going on in the FX2?

So, any comments on that?

Comment on Oct 29th, at ez-sb Anyway, the sdcc file is useful to learn the syntax which the register definitions have to follow. You just need the program fxloadand a command like fxload -I DosPunts.

A number of them need to download firmware before they are usable. They use the Keil syntax, but they are so seldom used that I preferred not to change them. In the simulation, s51 said:.


Here is another resource I used during my process of creating my own sdcc framework for the chip: Then, my goal is to fix the 13 files ez-ksb.

fxload(8) – Linux man page

ez-uxb Maybe you can give me a hint or even help me out of this. I have read things like linuz tutorialbut I am still a novice on microcontrollers. I think I can see how to control my own bus pretty easily by having the 8-bit data on one 8-bit output port, and sending the control signals on the other port, and having the GPIF enable the control signals and do the timing.

So fx2lib is in pretty good shape.

This isn’t finished, but it’s a starting point to anyone who were looking for this. I think that if they put it, there must be some reason, so I add it too to ezusb.

A few open source tips for the Cypress FX2LP (EZ-USB Cy7cA) | All My Brain

To create the hex you have to do so:. I have renamed them all to lowercase; for instance ezregs. They are xdata registers, so they have to be accessed as if they were at the external RAM.

Hi Philipp, I had an issue that I think relates the the endianness of sdcc vs keil. I have SDCC installed and need to start porting.

Despite the codes fs2lp simple, I have fixed several errors.

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