We were delighted with the PS’s cartridge system, which simply slips into the generous bay that’s exposed when you press a button on the top of the printer. Once you erase your images from the card, you’ve only got the prints. We hadn’t expected that. February The trouble with getting into digital photography has always been getting prints. A power switch is also located at the rear of the base.

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For standalone operation, the size of your image matters, too. Your purchase supports this site and future reviews. Hi-Touch actually makes two printers, the PL and PS models as well as heavy-duty printers for professional photo labs. Even inkjet printers are more expensive, here’s a breakdown of their per print costs: Hiti 630ps idea is to mimic hiti 630ps by providing an inexpensive but write-once medium.

Initial setup is simple; unwrap and install the ribbon cartridge, load 630p paper cassette 630ls, plug in the power cord, connect the controller, turn it hiti 630ps and insert a memory card — you’re ready to print!

HiTi Photo Printer 630PS

One of the more aggravating aspects of our old dye sub is how hard it is to insert a ribbon. In the course hiti 630ps our two-month testing, we downloaded one firmware update hiti 630ps beta, at thatupdating the printer without incident.

The image on the left is from the PS printer. The final prints were indistinguishable from higher resolution images.

They all looked good.

hiti 630ps Start by turning on the hiti 630ps, inserting your storage card with an adapter if necessary and printing an index of the card contents.

The hiti 630ps controller with a 1. It lets you print an index print of everything on your card in several hutiID photos, stickers and every image on the card unattended. Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies http: Cassette type automatic feeder, 25 sheets capacity.

The Ribbon Cassette It just pops in behind the grill Because the cassette is curved, we had a little trouble seating it in the printer.

Hi-Touch HiTi PS Dye Sublimation Photo Printer – Detailed Product Description

But with the PS around, we found ourselves coming home with some pictures in our camera, copying them to a laptop just to hiti 630ps safe and dropping 6300ps hiti 630ps into the PS for instant prints. As we write this, a Macintosh driver for the printer is still a dream. It was just too easy not to bang out a batch of 4×6 prints.


As long as it’s running under Windows. And those inkjet prints have no water hifi UV resistant qualities. The printer not only operates in two modes, but it’s smart enough to figure out which one is appropriate. With the HiTi PS and a digicam, you can take digital pictures and get 4×6 digital prints without using a computer. In hiti 630ps we were delighted with unedited images printed straight from the card. Hti we copied a few to a card and let 630ls printer do what it would with them. The PL lacks the PS’s cabled controller and media slots, requiring a computer.

Hi-Touch’s Magic Hiti 630ps Technology protects the dyes from UV light and waterproofs them, sealing the dyes into the paper. You can modify color, hiti 630ps, contrast and sharpness either by moving a control bar or inputting a number.

HiTi Download Center

With gigabytes of storage, they’re something of an iPod for your photo collection. Keeping with the hiti 630ps theme, one solution might be one of those digital 630pss wallets that can copy your card contents. Hiti 630ps to Contents Yes, you can plug this pup into your USB port and print directly giti your image editing software.

We really liked the cassette. The Setup option also lets you switch between CompactFlash and SmartMedia readers if you load both bays with cards.

All of this is hiti 630ps with easy to follow onscreen menus and prompts, it’s fun and you don’t need to spend an hour reading a manual hiti 630ps. You can trim about niti at a time. The only catch to this convenience is that there’s no equivalent of those drugstore negatives for reprints.

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